Character Profile #1

(Hey British Mac users, ever noticed how there isn't a hash key on your keyboard? If you find yourself needing to use this symbol hit alt and 3 and it will appear #)

Mr Letterpress...
Lurking in the eastern quarter of the old bindery, in MMU's Chatham building, is a creature mysterious to mankind. His sole purpose seems to be maintaining the upkeep of the letter press equipment occupying the room. His strange habits seem to do the trick, keeping students, technicians, and tutors respectively at bay. He has many different methods of defending his territory including obsessive compulsive tendencies with regards to cleanliness of the area, over-protectiveness with regards to the lead letters, anxiety towards experimentation with alternative pressing methods and layout and ultimately, the tale of the demise of the letterpress industry.
A very interesting specimen. Perhaps most interesting is the mystery of how he came to reside here (so sudden and ominous are his appearances that no one truly knows when to expect him and can only assume that he is ever present in the room.) Rumor has it that Mr. Letterpress was never officially given a job at MMU but mysteriously appeared at an interview, put on his apron, and settled immediately into his self appointed role. Maybe MMU never quite had the balls to let this gentile man down, or perhaps his fragile exterior is hiding a much much darker, frightful interior which is only revealed when threatened. Another rumor is that he is not an employee of MMU but a memory of the Chatham building's bygone purpose. Chatham (the building that houses half of MMU's art and design students - graphic design, illustration, architecture, photography...) previously belonged to the printing industry. Could he be a ghost from the days when Manchester's printing industry thrived? An obscure specter, stalking the press. A piece of his own history. A bitter reminder of the fragile state of, not only the letterpress industry, but all industry, of technology, of the future. He could be a ghost. He is pale enough. No one knows where he appeared from, his history is an enigma. He once spoke to me of his beloved industry, how computers destroyed it all and I swear I saw a tear in his eye. I could not help but envision himself chained to a factory gate yelping and begging as it's exterior was torn down; as lead letters fell to the floor and crumbled beneath heavy, falling, machinery. His story was circular, every ending lead back to the beginning, which meant he turned ever so slightly repetitive and even more slightly difficult to get away from. He is more than happy for you to leave him though. He continues his story to an internal audience with no problem at all, then potters about, finding students to shout at for using equipment incorrectly, or compulsively cleaning and arranging the equipment. What we have to remember about this little grievance is, he is only doing his self appointed job. No matter how unhelpful he seems sometimes, he is in fact only trying to help. No matter how many students tell him to "Leave me alone," or "Fuck off", he is in fact a ghost eternally chained to this relic of the design industry, he will forever return. Just like most of the staff in MMU's School of Art, a truly fascinating character that will not be forgotten.
If anyone out there knows of Mr. Letterpress' darkened history, please fill in some blanks...

(Below is a comic I made one sleepless night. If John Walsh was ever to see this, I apologise, you look nothing like this. It was in second year, I had met you once and could not remember what you looked like properly.)

Ukraine's Got Talent...

That is a fact.
This lady, Kseniya Simonova creates a beautiful live animation using naught but sand, a light box and her bear hands. It is a skill I have never seen before but apparently everyone is doing it. This one has a great, moving narrative to it which the others seem to lack. It is fascinating how such simple materials can create such strong visuals. Who would have thought the whole "Got Talent" franchise would pick up on something so unique and stunning.

Other videos I have watched to day that are well worth a view include "A Town Called Panic". The very same French duo that created the Cravendale adverts also make these amusing shorts about a naive Cowboy and an Indian who are kept in line by a horse. They are fun stop motions.

Finally, I discovered, (whilst watching CBBC - don't worry I start work again soon...) a fun and quite clever series called Ooglies. Once again stop motion, and real imaginative shorts (you have to look past all the computer generated bits and the intros). I actually laughed out loud to one or two of these. A real sweet idea. Skip to 2.50 mins on the link.

.... Finally, finally, you cannot mention stop motion without mentioning PES... Below is "Roof Sex" but "Western Spaghetti" is also good.

That is enough animation for tonight.

Gordon Burns' Fan Zine...

Last night I infiltrated the Big British Castle (BBC Manchester) to attend a "Journalist Trainee Scheme" launch. It was basically telling the people that were interested in the scheme, the who, what, when, where and how's. I attended feeling a little bewildered about the current direction of life, and knowing only that I am creative, I can write, so why not? I sat next to a friendly bunch of people from interesting and different backgrounds who introduced themselves immediately. Nothing about this evening seemed fake, awkward or forced. Everyone was just, nice. Well that is the background as to why I was at the Beeb, but I am mostly writing this as a post to tell you a little story about Gordon Burns...

In the North West we have a news program imaginatively named, North West Tonight. It is presented by a man named Gordon Burns. You may also recognise Gordon from television game show classic, The Krypton Factor.

I was sat in a room full of various people, all either longing for a shot a journalism, or a chance to penetrate the big British castle and arouse its demise from within, or maybe, just like me, were there for a vision of a possible future. Suddenly the atmosphere changed. I felt my blood warm and a prickle at my neck. There was somebody famous in the room. It was Gordon Burns. He enters at 5.45, before going live on air at 6.30. I conceal a scream, grin stupidly and put a halt to any attempts at asking for an autograph. I am a fan of Gordon Burns. It constantly sounds like his voice is about to break, it wobbles and has an unruly tendency to change pitch. He is brilliant. He stood before us, all polished and ready for the News. It was bizarre seeing him out of context, I mean, he has legs. You never see that on air, but he has them alright! He begins into a captivating story about how he got into journalism. He speaks flawlessly (despite the little breaks in his voice which I was amused to find happened off air as well as on) without utterance on the subject and I wonder how well practiced this story was. His eyes never once rolled to the left as if searching his mind for the memory, nor did they glaze over in the fondness of telling the tail, his visual world disappearing from the BBC bar to the memory of his youth. His eyes were all over the audience, picking out the eye contact of various people. I attempt to hold it. There is nothing like a good bit of eye contact, especially with a celebrity. His tale was of how, as a boy, he had been in a 'Rugby' school. Football was banned. There was no talk of it. No playing it. Nothing. Just rugby. But little Gordy and his friends loved football. As a result they started a team and entered a league. It took off and every one wanted to take part. Before long little Gordy began publishing fixtures, league tables and reports into a little stapled zine, which he then sold using the proceeds to pay for bus fares to matches and kit. And they sold. When the Headmaster found out he insisted that Gordon stop selling the zine. That it was now. Officially banned. Then he suggested that he tried his hand at something more productive, like rugby. But little Gordy cared not for Rugby, he was all about the footy. So, he picked up his suitcase full of home made footy fanzines and took them a yard out of the school gate where he continued to sell them. Now that the zines were prohibited merchandise, all the kids wanted to get their hands on one. So they sold better than before. A local paper picked up on the story and little Gordy was taken to the local Gazette and interviewed. It was then little Gordy got his first taste for journalism. Gordon, if you are reading this, I am definitely up for writing your biography. I propose we make it in a similar style to your zines and sell them outside the BBC from a suitcase. I can summarise the whole thing in a similar way to how I summarised the above story. A page a chapter, a neat staple in the middle, a couple of quick sketches/portraits, and a photocopier. It will be beautiful. Call me.

Home Sweet Home...

I have spent the last two months with my Sister in Crawley. Now, I am home. Back to Warrington.
Here is a photographic list of things that I did...

I worked as a waitress in Pizza Express, Reigate, and attempted to perfect latte art... Still working on that! As a waitress my most asked questions were:
Q. Where abouts in Yorkshire are you from?
A. I'm not, I'm from Cheshire.
Q. How do you cope when it is so busy?
A. The truth? I don't I panic. I black out, go into auto pilot and come around at about 3.30, when it quietens down, feeling strangely elated.
Q. If I give you this tip do you get to keep it?
A. Yes, hand it over!
I also served Shane Richie, he ate a Leggera Contadina, gave me a £3.50 tip and enjoyed calling
me "darlin'". I refrained from asking for his autograph.

I witnessed my nephews heartbeat and helped to compile a shortlist of names. My favourite was Dylan, as in Bob Dylan, Dylan Thomas and Dylan from the Magic Roundabout, couldn't name a child after a better bunch. I have recently found out this name is no longer on the shortlist. Other names I wished they would have considered include, Neptune, Hades, Hermes and Apollo.

I went to explore Brighton three times. I found a bohemian area with many street markets.

Played (f)unfair games.

Became fascinated with the pier. How many feet have trodden these planks? When will they fade away and become weak? When will all these rides and amusements plummet to the sea's bed? An under water funfair. A new Atlantis. A little like that film A.I.

Ate fish and chips on the beach after fantasising about doing such a thing since last Christmas.

Found a reissue of Velvet Underground and Nico LP, COMPLETE WITH PEELABLE BANANA! As well as adding to my Bowie on LP collection. Andrew and I's new favorite thing to do is buy LPs. It is nice to share a hobby.

Entered one of my books into a competition.

Went on many, many, train journeys. To Bristol, to Brighton, to London.

Discovered a River Island window display not too dissimilar to my Secret History project. Even the same head. £15 ebay? Really spending the big bucks there aren't you River?

On a walk through Notting Hill with Lucy Vann, we stumbled upon George Orwell's House. We took this as a sign. We have to move there.

When Lucy and I take London, we do not take photos of monuments, no. We take pictures of eerie train tunnels. I like to think I put a full stop to her European adventure with Libby Scarlett.

Finally, on my way home, I went to a slightly unconventional wedding in Derbyshire (which turned out slightly more conventional than I had expected but was lovely all the same). It was my auntie and new but actually kind of old uncle's (in that he has been around for 18 years and we have always called him uncle) wedding. I was in charge of the music. These were the songs that were included in the ceremony...
I Will - The Beatles
Song Bird - Which my cousin, Dominic, performed to a backing track
Burlington Arcade - Rick Wakeman
Followed by a garden party with Pimms and Sangria to a mixture of the Gipsy Kings and Salsa! Salsa! Salsa!
Then we ate Hog Roast. Poor pig.

In the morning we gathered in a stripped Marquee and feasted on bacon croissants . Enough for fifty people.
I returned home to a water bill from my previous house in Manchester, and a hand written envelope. In the top right hand corner there was a stamp which stated the country from which it had departed, "Prague". It was a Birthday gift from my good friends Lucy Vann and Libby Scarlett. It was full of joy and forgotten memories and made me happy. Thanks guys! There was a postcard within which contained a thoughtful poem I could truly appreciate and relate to.
"Bongo the monkey sits in a tree
the happiest monkey you'll ever see
In his spare time he plays the guitar
one of these days he'll be a big star!"
This poem belonged to one of Lucy's beanie baby toys from when she was a little person. He shared my birthday. I am impressed she was able to remember. Happy belated brithday Bongo. Hope you are living the rock and roll dream.

Last night I sat alone in Sandbar with a glass of red and a Moleskine. The jukebox played The Pixies and Nico. It felt like home.

I Want To Cry for Humanity...

But I would drown.

Adam Curtis' "It Felt Like A Kiss"

Probably the best, most terrifying and important thing I have ever seen. I do not need to say anymore. It is self explanatory. Watch it right now!

Semi Conductor...

This post is dedicated to two stunning videos made by Semiconductor (
They are beautiful, honest, raw and haunting images of space taken from satellites. "Brilliant Noise," show us images of the Sun. The noises are unnerving, mechanical and very fitting. The images are real, yet we are distant from them, separated by a machine (static) and a thick layer of glass keeping us alive (machine/atmosphere/computer screen). We are not there. It is foreign to us, yet we still get the feeling of absolute awe. The majesty of life, of being, of self. We are here but we shouldn't be. It is all some massive accident. To see the Sun - life giver, in full bewildering all natural beauty and untamed on screen is somewhat breathtaking almost overwhelming. The machine like static noises remind us that we are not there, we are not seeing it first hand, we are being kept alive by this machine. All in all it is an isolating sensation. Pleasant all the same.

Close up we see the suns surface dance, unpredictable, alight, the opposite to the cold wet suface of the Earth. To catapult the Earth into the sun would cause the dimmest, almost inaudible "Sizzzzzzzzz" sound as the fiery surface swallows it's sphere. Or perhaps there would be an unpredictable effect. That man and nature would cool the suns heart and it would turn to stone, gravity would collapse and the universe would fall onto the floor of a small child's bedroom (or something as equally paradox).

From time to time the sun spits out a dark silhouette that is as haunting as the stirring of a soul, a ghost dancing, an alien invading. But enough of that, you simply must experience this your self. Lights out. No distractions. Full screen.

You would be dumb not to follow these instructions: Download TV on the Radio "Staring at the Sun" on iTunes (79p, bargain!) An equally distorted, haunting but beautiful track. Play "Brilliant Noise" with no volume (the volume control is in the bottom corner of vimeo screen) Wait for about 10secs in (when the title disappears and the sun appears) then hit play on itunes. The two sync up absolutely wonderfully. However there is quite a bit of left over video, you can fill that in with whatever song you like.

Brilliant Noise

Brilliant Noise from Semiconductor on Vimeo.

"Black Rain" similarly awesome. This time we track interplanetary space for solar wind and CME's (coronal mass ejections) heading towards Earth. You don't really need to understand that bit though.

Try syncing up with the Velvet underground's White Light/White Heat" it is great at first but then loses it a bit.

Black Rain

Black Rain from Semiconductor on Vimeo.

Classic Rock Night!

I am spending a very productive evening creating an itunes playlist entitled Classic Rock Yeah?
(The 'yeah?' comes from the really annoying universal student accent which makes every statement sound like a question. Favorite student accent words include Yeah? Like. Basically. Stuff and shit. Etc.)

The rules for my playlist are: songs have to have been recorded before 1986, you must be able to either air drum/air guitar/or head bang to it, and they must be on my itunes. Which means I have limited resources. It has been a successful evening.

So. Basically right, yeah? Get your itunes out, set up your air drums, plug your air guitar into your air amp, set the volume to eleven, stomp on yer distortion pedal, mess up your hair, raise your rocking arm high and kick out the jams you mothers! (Oh man I am cool...!)
Here it is...

Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones
Rock and Roll - Led Zeppelin
Old Mule Skinner - Iggy Pop
New Rose - The Damned
Zigzag Wanderer - Captain Beefheart
Stay With Me - Rod Stewart (this man makes me feel physically sick)
Dazed and Confused - Led Zeppelin
Love Her Madly - The Doors
She Cracked - Modern Lovers
I Wanna Be Your Dog - The Stooges
We're Gonna Groove - Led Zeppelin
It's Only Rock and Roll - Rolling Stones
Touch Me - The Doors (that may not be the name of that song, I have a habbit of making up names for songs that are unknown to itunes)
I Fought the Law - The Clash
Brighton Rock - Queen
Doctor Doctor - UFO
TV Eye - Stooges
Keep Yourself Alive - Queen
Iron Man - Black Sabbath
Black Country Rock - David Bowie (wozza wozza)
Ezy Rider - Jimmi Hendrix
Rock Bottom - UFO
Into the Fire - Deep Purple
White Riot - The Clash
Got to Get You Into My Life - The Beatles
Cherry - UFO
Solid Gold Easy Action - T Rex
Watch You Ride - Jefferson Airplane
Beck's Bolero - Jeff Beck Group
Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith
John I'm Only Dancing - David Bowie
Not Fade Away - The Rolling Stones
Silver Machine - Hawkwind
Bloodsucker - Deep Purple
Trash - New York Dolls (awesomely complex air drumming tune)

Ok so not such a great collection. Many repeats. Not too diverse. BUT in my defense, I am away from my CDs, I did cheat and buy Hawkwind and Deep Purple ("AGH NO NO NO NO!") especially, but I pretty much had to work with what I had. And my pal Matt would shout at me, 2.7 hours is too much, he would say. But he is not rock and roll like I am. 2.7 hours is not long enough man!

All in all my evening has been fulfilled, my head has not stopped nodding, my wrists hurt from air drumming, I snapped all the air strings on my air guitar, and my fingers are now bleeding air blood, not to mention blowing a few air fuses. To be frank, it's been a heavy night of it and now I am knackered! I have a 14hour + shift tomorrow so good night.


2 Songs That Make You Say Yeah By.... Johnny Cash and TV on the Radio

This weeks songs to make you say yeah, aren't really about jumping up arms in the air and a massive grin on your face style yeah, more of a subtle, sat back reclining, listening, slow grin spreading, steady rocking of the head kind of yeah.

The first comes from Johnny Cash. There is some confusion about who actually wrote this song, I guess it is a traditional American folk song. It is dark and suits Cash's broken voice. This is from a great album of covers by Cash called "The Man Comes Around" which also features the greatest version of Nine Inch Nail's "Hurt" (sorry Trent and Bowie your duo is a close second) the video is heart breaking, and an amazing version of Depeche Mode's"Personal Jesus".

Second from a much more contemporary band, TV on the Radio. This is from their second album Return to Cookie Mountain. They are the most innovative band I have ever heard. They sound like no one and no one sounds like them (although their last album was more commercial). The song "I Was A Lover." Listen to the production, how far they push it, all the noises pulled together and tamed. Listen to the cut off of the strings/horns half way through a note. Sit back, nod your head, say yeah...

TV on the Radio, also a fantastic live band. One of my highlights of 2008, a couple of days before dissertation hand in, I abandoned my essay, haggled with a tout, necked two double vodkas, and crept to the front to watch TV on the Radio. Alone. Liberating. YES! I had a couple more drinks and continued with the essay when I returned home (and I still got a first for that essay!)
There is more TV on the Radio to come...

Sorry there are no videos fr these...

2012, A Response...

A few days ago I wrote about the 2012 theories, technically I wrote about being sucked into another internet meme, but all the same 2012 was mentioned in detail (not the Olympics, the end of the world). I had a response to this post...


2012Chick said...

Don't let the diversion caused by some of these proponents of 2012 carry you down the wrong fork in the road. You do need to wake up. There is an end of the present age coming. It has happened before. The only way to repair the earth and humanity to a healthy state is to destroy it and start over. SOMETHING is going to happen. It could begin before 2012. Don't click this link ... unless you want to know the facts.

Now I am not aiming to embarrass this person I simply wish to reply to their comment. Particularly as she seemed genuinely worried about what would happen to me if I didn't know the facts about 2012. But Blogger refuses to let me comment on any blogs these days, even my own. Annoying. So instead of a comment box response, 2012Chcik gets an entire blog post dedicated to her... Lucky! Here is my response just for 2012Chick. For everyoneelse, this is why I am not worried about 2012.
(If you are not up to speed on 2012, you can read a summary in my post Not Another Internet Meme, or you can buy the book linked in 2012Chicks comment, or you can type David Wilcock into google)

Thank you for your concern. However I will not be spending any money attempting to discover the facts about 2012. I would much prefer it all to be a big surprise.

You see as far as I see it, the world could end in 2012, but it could also end tomorrow, or the day after, or next week, or maybe even 3012. We all worry far too much about this kind of thing. I once read something that went along the lines of “Don't worry about the planet ending. It has been around since the beginning of time. It is doing fine. It is the people who are fucked. The planet will outlive us all.” (that isn’t an exact quote, I lost the source.)

People spend far too much time dwelling on the past and the future, we can’t do anything about either. Time is much better spent where the past and future meet, the present, now, that way when we get to the end, we can say “Oh well, at least I lived.” Dwelling merely distracts us from what is important.

In response to repairing the Earth (the earth is doing just fine, we are the only thing polluting it, a disease that has infected it) I agree it would be more than satisfying to destroy it and start again, only I’m not sure I want to be here when it starts again, which means I probably shouldn't worry about 2012, right? (Tell me have you seen the film Solaris?) It isn’t the Earth that needs repairing, it is humanity.

Yes on the 21st December 2012 something definitely is going to happen, just as everyday something happens that inevitably changes the world in some small, or large, way.

People can believe whatever it is they wish to believe I will not hold anything against them. I am not involved with the truth, but with the story itself. If it is one I enjoy, I blog it, if not, I tend to forget about it until it resonates with some part of my life in the future.

Thanks again for your concern, but I am going to take my chances and live for as long as it is possible for me to do so (comfortably).
I wish you luck in your preparations for 2012 and very much hope that you survive. Who knows, I may even see you at the other end.

I’ll finish with the words of The Velvet Underground... “It’s the Beginning Of A New Age!”
And what could be more beautiful than that?

Yours until 2012

Not Another internet Meme...

Whilst my good friends Libby (her blog geniusly re-named "Get it on your blog, girl!") and Lucy are clearly living I delve deeper and deeper into the lonely world of not living and have been keeping myself entertained with yet another internet meme.

Internet memes are something that you will be familiar with if you are reading this, this is a sort of internet meme in itself, or at least the idea of a blog is. An internet meme is something that gains notoriety through the medium of the internet. This covers many things such as popular youtube videos and virals, conspiracy theories, annoying ring tones, strange haunted art (The Hands Resist Him), emoticons and everything else in between and far beyond. I have had phases of being hooked on many different memes since the age of fifteen - the year I was belatedly introduced to the internet. Oh I remember the days, I would wait up to ten minutes for a page to download, not knowing what to expect once the page opened. Generally there would be an anticipation, excitement followed by immense disappointment, "I waited ten minutes, for this?" Like most teenagers I was hooked on the message boards. Unlike most teenagers, I was arguing with fifty year old men about who was/is better, The Beatles or (wait for it.....) Queen. Then We upgraded and lost our slow AOL modem and went NTL broadband which meant bye bye to the AOL message boards, a sudden cold turkey eased by MSN messenger and more internet memes such as Bert is Evil and (a fantastic urban legend archive/database).

Then later I would get into back masking (hidden messages within recordings when played backwards) The Dark Side of the Rainbow (Pink Floyd and Wizard of Oz synced up).

There was also the Googlewhack (perhaps made famous by the hilarious Dave Gorman tour. Many hours were spent during free periods of college trying to find googlewhacks. Oh my misspent youth.) There were many other memes inbetween but this is a brief history (as opposed to a complete) of my internet life. I have ommitted the obvious myspace/facebook/twitter/blog phases as most people take these as given internet phenomena.

So let's bring it up to date. Right now I am being sucked into the 2012 mystery. Not how much will the 2012 olympics cost the British public... More will the London olympics cause the end of the world. What will happen on the 21st December 2012? A date that I have asked Andrew to reserve just in case. The fact that the Mayan calander ends, many past psychics (being as vague as you would come to expect) predict a great change to the world as we know it, something about leylines and a planetary alignment that means we are in line with the center of the galaxy (which is some strange black hole/magnet), and also a completetion of the earths 'wobble' on its axsis. If you are to believe scientists this alignment can shift the poles and cause them to flip which inturn would have immediate drastic effects on the Earth by means of climate change, earthquakes, flash floods, tsunami, volcano eruption, physical mutation, a new uprising, mass wars, immediate evolution, interspecies relations and a super race that may flee the planet and enslave the universe...! Erm, or so I am led to believe... (Are you sucked in yet?) The other theory is much more positive, a mass spiritual awakening. Now I only have two view points on this, both youtube documentaries. The first seemed believable because it was just that, completely conceivable, backed by scientists, the works.

These images are beautiful and are created by placing sand or colloids into water and playing a clean note through the water

The second was from the view point of a spiritualist who was believable because he was just so completely unbelievable! He gave all sorts of evidence to back up his theory, listing things to do with the geometry of life, crop circles (believing that these things appear mystically in order to communicate with us, man, he commented on a particularly beautiful design "And what we're supposed to believe two English men stumbled out of a pub and created this with nothing more than a plank some string and a hat?" at which point everyone in the audience laughed, after which I laughed, cleared my throat and in a serious voice said "Yes.")

This crop circle according to David Wilcock is naturally crated (or mystically appeared) is a reference to the Mayan Calender.

Then there is the completely obvious fact that pine cones seem to appear throughout religious imagery and mythology and that the Pineal gland (believed to be the 'third' and most spriritual eye) in the exact center of our brain (also linking with the geometry of things) is in fact the same shape as a pine cone. Finally there is the startiling resemmblence he and his friends have to past and important psychic figures.

Now I say startling, what I really mean is not so great. This guy, David Wilcock, listed off all this evidence in what I can only guess was some kind of attempt to blind us with his undoubtedly great knowledge on alternative physics, ESP, conciousnesses and Stargate. It worked. As far as I could gather, 2012 accordng to David Wilcock is when we open our third eyes and realise that everything is shaped like a pine cone. So where exactly did I lose him? Was it in relating real life events to film and television, such as Sartgate, Contact and Total Recall (these are not documentaries but he had me convinced they were. I was disappointed he hadn't picked up on the time traveling elements and themes of "La Jetee" and "Back to the Future" I feel this could have developed his argument greatly). He went on to link great conspiracies as The Philidelphia Experiment and technologies gained from the chair of a crashed UFO that allowed vision into the future and is the real reason for the war in Iraq (Montauk Chair). "Weapons of Mass Destruction" or incredable foresight chair that must be destroyed before it tears a hole into the space-time continuum? Now I am a particular fan of both of these conspiracies but these were conspiricies backed by his mate Daniel who he met down the boozer (I mean in a diner). Daniel is apparently invisible or none existent or has a fear of human contact brought about by his ability to feel other peoples experiences and emotions or something, but has had some great encounters with aliens, chairs, and mystic ability. Actually, to be honest at this point it was still such a great story that I couldn't care less whether it was true or not, it was just a pleasure to hear it. He may have lost me around the point he admitted to being an acid user, but no I find this to be quite an endearing and necessary stage or initiation in most spiritualists lives. Or maybe it was the many times he said "Trust me this is proven fact..." but actually if I believed the so called scientists from the first video every time they used this line, then why not this guy? I mean nobody was showing any certificates of education here. And I know nothing about science (although I did once successfully explain the red shift theory to get out of a detention. "OK Amanda you explain the redshift theory to me and you can go" so I did and I did!) so I am completely gullible and extremely susceptible to any information from anyone claiming to be a scientist or even dabbling i the subject.Was it the fact that he actually believed Stargate to be tongue in cheek fact, well he did have a point about that. You couldn't fault him. He spun a great, intertwining, multilayered, thick, deep, enthralling, itchy yarn. Who would you believe? All doom and gloom or Stargate?
David Wilcock - you have opened my other two eyes to an alternative world filled with conspiracy and many fruity pine branches.

Then Andrew emailed this link to me...

I love internet Memes. Most of them leave me with an eerie sensation. I feel spooked even if the meme is not scary. I often go to bed restless with overly active imagination and wild dreams.
Speaking of dreams have you ever looked into dreamlogs? I feel a new internet meme coming on as well as an almost unbarable desire to make up a conspiracy surrounding pine cones. This is definitely not living!

I will be having nightmares tonight, but that is ok, it is only my third eye...

A Fish Called Jagger...

Here are some fish...

Here is Mick Jagger...

Here is a fish that looks like Mick Jagger...

"Damn Your Eyes!"

From the day I first met him I was immediately hooked. I fought, whenever he was around, for his attention. But I am shy, I am awkward, I am not as forward as the others but still, I tried.
At first he was friendly, but then it seemed the longer we were apart the less interested he would become. He began to show off. Befriend others, whilst smugly looking over his shoulder and towards me, seeing if I noticed. I always did. It was difficult not to.
He, they, shoved it in my face, they laugh at me, then pat me on the shoulder as if to say, "Don't be upset, he'll come round." Then as if to taunt me, lure me into a false sense of security, when no one else is around, he comes. Just me and him sat supposedly at ease with each other, he reclines, I yearn to touch him, but don't dare. To touch would cause him to flea.

My heart beats dimmly.

I notice his eyes.

They are looking into mine from across the room.

Green and piercing.


It makes me fall a little harder.

Why must a thing of such beauty cause me such distress.

He is a cruel one.

He plays games with me.

Evil games in which he shows me what I could have, then takes it all away.

And I find it hard not to stare at him.

Not to reach out and touch him.

Not to think about him constantly when the door is shut.

Yet he still looks at me, from a distance.

He narrows his eyes affectionately and we become dead locked in each others gaze.

The thing about Shamus is he is extremely beautiful and he knows it.

He is all "You can look but you can't touch" when others are around, but get him alone...

This is Shamus. My sisters cat. I will be cat sitting him next week. He will love me, nuzzle my legs, sit on my lap, let me tickle his back unitl he falls down in ecstasy. But just wait, when Daniella returns, I will once again become a stranger to him.


I have recently been working on the artwork for a short fiction entitled "Dissipate". It is all finished and has been sent to the author. This started off very neat and 'Swiss' and 'vector' and actually a little dull. So I turned to the advise of Orange Juice and quite literally started to rip it up and start again, hand manipulating each layer separately.

Latte Art...

My attempt at latte art. It's supposed to be a tree. I need more practice...