Ukraine's Got Talent...

That is a fact.
This lady, Kseniya Simonova creates a beautiful live animation using naught but sand, a light box and her bear hands. It is a skill I have never seen before but apparently everyone is doing it. This one has a great, moving narrative to it which the others seem to lack. It is fascinating how such simple materials can create such strong visuals. Who would have thought the whole "Got Talent" franchise would pick up on something so unique and stunning.

Other videos I have watched to day that are well worth a view include "A Town Called Panic". The very same French duo that created the Cravendale adverts also make these amusing shorts about a naive Cowboy and an Indian who are kept in line by a horse. They are fun stop motions.

Finally, I discovered, (whilst watching CBBC - don't worry I start work again soon...) a fun and quite clever series called Ooglies. Once again stop motion, and real imaginative shorts (you have to look past all the computer generated bits and the intros). I actually laughed out loud to one or two of these. A real sweet idea. Skip to 2.50 mins on the link.

.... Finally, finally, you cannot mention stop motion without mentioning PES... Below is "Roof Sex" but "Western Spaghetti" is also good.

That is enough animation for tonight.

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