"Damn Your Eyes!"

From the day I first met him I was immediately hooked. I fought, whenever he was around, for his attention. But I am shy, I am awkward, I am not as forward as the others but still, I tried.
At first he was friendly, but then it seemed the longer we were apart the less interested he would become. He began to show off. Befriend others, whilst smugly looking over his shoulder and towards me, seeing if I noticed. I always did. It was difficult not to.
He, they, shoved it in my face, they laugh at me, then pat me on the shoulder as if to say, "Don't be upset, he'll come round." Then as if to taunt me, lure me into a false sense of security, when no one else is around, he comes. Just me and him sat supposedly at ease with each other, he reclines, I yearn to touch him, but don't dare. To touch would cause him to flea.

My heart beats dimmly.

I notice his eyes.

They are looking into mine from across the room.

Green and piercing.


It makes me fall a little harder.

Why must a thing of such beauty cause me such distress.

He is a cruel one.

He plays games with me.

Evil games in which he shows me what I could have, then takes it all away.

And I find it hard not to stare at him.

Not to reach out and touch him.

Not to think about him constantly when the door is shut.

Yet he still looks at me, from a distance.

He narrows his eyes affectionately and we become dead locked in each others gaze.

The thing about Shamus is he is extremely beautiful and he knows it.

He is all "You can look but you can't touch" when others are around, but get him alone...

This is Shamus. My sisters cat. I will be cat sitting him next week. He will love me, nuzzle my legs, sit on my lap, let me tickle his back unitl he falls down in ecstasy. But just wait, when Daniella returns, I will once again become a stranger to him.

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