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This post is dedicated to two stunning videos made by Semiconductor (
They are beautiful, honest, raw and haunting images of space taken from satellites. "Brilliant Noise," show us images of the Sun. The noises are unnerving, mechanical and very fitting. The images are real, yet we are distant from them, separated by a machine (static) and a thick layer of glass keeping us alive (machine/atmosphere/computer screen). We are not there. It is foreign to us, yet we still get the feeling of absolute awe. The majesty of life, of being, of self. We are here but we shouldn't be. It is all some massive accident. To see the Sun - life giver, in full bewildering all natural beauty and untamed on screen is somewhat breathtaking almost overwhelming. The machine like static noises remind us that we are not there, we are not seeing it first hand, we are being kept alive by this machine. All in all it is an isolating sensation. Pleasant all the same.

Close up we see the suns surface dance, unpredictable, alight, the opposite to the cold wet suface of the Earth. To catapult the Earth into the sun would cause the dimmest, almost inaudible "Sizzzzzzzzz" sound as the fiery surface swallows it's sphere. Or perhaps there would be an unpredictable effect. That man and nature would cool the suns heart and it would turn to stone, gravity would collapse and the universe would fall onto the floor of a small child's bedroom (or something as equally paradox).

From time to time the sun spits out a dark silhouette that is as haunting as the stirring of a soul, a ghost dancing, an alien invading. But enough of that, you simply must experience this your self. Lights out. No distractions. Full screen.

You would be dumb not to follow these instructions: Download TV on the Radio "Staring at the Sun" on iTunes (79p, bargain!) An equally distorted, haunting but beautiful track. Play "Brilliant Noise" with no volume (the volume control is in the bottom corner of vimeo screen) Wait for about 10secs in (when the title disappears and the sun appears) then hit play on itunes. The two sync up absolutely wonderfully. However there is quite a bit of left over video, you can fill that in with whatever song you like.

Brilliant Noise

Brilliant Noise from Semiconductor on Vimeo.

"Black Rain" similarly awesome. This time we track interplanetary space for solar wind and CME's (coronal mass ejections) heading towards Earth. You don't really need to understand that bit though.

Try syncing up with the Velvet underground's White Light/White Heat" it is great at first but then loses it a bit.

Black Rain

Black Rain from Semiconductor on Vimeo.

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