Not Another internet Meme...

Whilst my good friends Libby (her blog geniusly re-named "Get it on your blog, girl!") and Lucy are clearly living I delve deeper and deeper into the lonely world of not living and have been keeping myself entertained with yet another internet meme.

Internet memes are something that you will be familiar with if you are reading this, this is a sort of internet meme in itself, or at least the idea of a blog is. An internet meme is something that gains notoriety through the medium of the internet. This covers many things such as popular youtube videos and virals, conspiracy theories, annoying ring tones, strange haunted art (The Hands Resist Him), emoticons and everything else in between and far beyond. I have had phases of being hooked on many different memes since the age of fifteen - the year I was belatedly introduced to the internet. Oh I remember the days, I would wait up to ten minutes for a page to download, not knowing what to expect once the page opened. Generally there would be an anticipation, excitement followed by immense disappointment, "I waited ten minutes, for this?" Like most teenagers I was hooked on the message boards. Unlike most teenagers, I was arguing with fifty year old men about who was/is better, The Beatles or (wait for it.....) Queen. Then We upgraded and lost our slow AOL modem and went NTL broadband which meant bye bye to the AOL message boards, a sudden cold turkey eased by MSN messenger and more internet memes such as Bert is Evil and (a fantastic urban legend archive/database).

Then later I would get into back masking (hidden messages within recordings when played backwards) The Dark Side of the Rainbow (Pink Floyd and Wizard of Oz synced up).

There was also the Googlewhack (perhaps made famous by the hilarious Dave Gorman tour. Many hours were spent during free periods of college trying to find googlewhacks. Oh my misspent youth.) There were many other memes inbetween but this is a brief history (as opposed to a complete) of my internet life. I have ommitted the obvious myspace/facebook/twitter/blog phases as most people take these as given internet phenomena.

So let's bring it up to date. Right now I am being sucked into the 2012 mystery. Not how much will the 2012 olympics cost the British public... More will the London olympics cause the end of the world. What will happen on the 21st December 2012? A date that I have asked Andrew to reserve just in case. The fact that the Mayan calander ends, many past psychics (being as vague as you would come to expect) predict a great change to the world as we know it, something about leylines and a planetary alignment that means we are in line with the center of the galaxy (which is some strange black hole/magnet), and also a completetion of the earths 'wobble' on its axsis. If you are to believe scientists this alignment can shift the poles and cause them to flip which inturn would have immediate drastic effects on the Earth by means of climate change, earthquakes, flash floods, tsunami, volcano eruption, physical mutation, a new uprising, mass wars, immediate evolution, interspecies relations and a super race that may flee the planet and enslave the universe...! Erm, or so I am led to believe... (Are you sucked in yet?) The other theory is much more positive, a mass spiritual awakening. Now I only have two view points on this, both youtube documentaries. The first seemed believable because it was just that, completely conceivable, backed by scientists, the works.

These images are beautiful and are created by placing sand or colloids into water and playing a clean note through the water

The second was from the view point of a spiritualist who was believable because he was just so completely unbelievable! He gave all sorts of evidence to back up his theory, listing things to do with the geometry of life, crop circles (believing that these things appear mystically in order to communicate with us, man, he commented on a particularly beautiful design "And what we're supposed to believe two English men stumbled out of a pub and created this with nothing more than a plank some string and a hat?" at which point everyone in the audience laughed, after which I laughed, cleared my throat and in a serious voice said "Yes.")

This crop circle according to David Wilcock is naturally crated (or mystically appeared) is a reference to the Mayan Calender.

Then there is the completely obvious fact that pine cones seem to appear throughout religious imagery and mythology and that the Pineal gland (believed to be the 'third' and most spriritual eye) in the exact center of our brain (also linking with the geometry of things) is in fact the same shape as a pine cone. Finally there is the startiling resemmblence he and his friends have to past and important psychic figures.

Now I say startling, what I really mean is not so great. This guy, David Wilcock, listed off all this evidence in what I can only guess was some kind of attempt to blind us with his undoubtedly great knowledge on alternative physics, ESP, conciousnesses and Stargate. It worked. As far as I could gather, 2012 accordng to David Wilcock is when we open our third eyes and realise that everything is shaped like a pine cone. So where exactly did I lose him? Was it in relating real life events to film and television, such as Sartgate, Contact and Total Recall (these are not documentaries but he had me convinced they were. I was disappointed he hadn't picked up on the time traveling elements and themes of "La Jetee" and "Back to the Future" I feel this could have developed his argument greatly). He went on to link great conspiracies as The Philidelphia Experiment and technologies gained from the chair of a crashed UFO that allowed vision into the future and is the real reason for the war in Iraq (Montauk Chair). "Weapons of Mass Destruction" or incredable foresight chair that must be destroyed before it tears a hole into the space-time continuum? Now I am a particular fan of both of these conspiracies but these were conspiricies backed by his mate Daniel who he met down the boozer (I mean in a diner). Daniel is apparently invisible or none existent or has a fear of human contact brought about by his ability to feel other peoples experiences and emotions or something, but has had some great encounters with aliens, chairs, and mystic ability. Actually, to be honest at this point it was still such a great story that I couldn't care less whether it was true or not, it was just a pleasure to hear it. He may have lost me around the point he admitted to being an acid user, but no I find this to be quite an endearing and necessary stage or initiation in most spiritualists lives. Or maybe it was the many times he said "Trust me this is proven fact..." but actually if I believed the so called scientists from the first video every time they used this line, then why not this guy? I mean nobody was showing any certificates of education here. And I know nothing about science (although I did once successfully explain the red shift theory to get out of a detention. "OK Amanda you explain the redshift theory to me and you can go" so I did and I did!) so I am completely gullible and extremely susceptible to any information from anyone claiming to be a scientist or even dabbling i the subject.Was it the fact that he actually believed Stargate to be tongue in cheek fact, well he did have a point about that. You couldn't fault him. He spun a great, intertwining, multilayered, thick, deep, enthralling, itchy yarn. Who would you believe? All doom and gloom or Stargate?
David Wilcock - you have opened my other two eyes to an alternative world filled with conspiracy and many fruity pine branches.

Then Andrew emailed this link to me...

I love internet Memes. Most of them leave me with an eerie sensation. I feel spooked even if the meme is not scary. I often go to bed restless with overly active imagination and wild dreams.
Speaking of dreams have you ever looked into dreamlogs? I feel a new internet meme coming on as well as an almost unbarable desire to make up a conspiracy surrounding pine cones. This is definitely not living!

I will be having nightmares tonight, but that is ok, it is only my third eye...

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2012Chick said...

Don't let the diversion caused by some of these proponents of 2012 carry you down the wrong fork in the road. You do need to wake up. There is an end of the present age coming. It has happened before. The only way to repair the earth and humanity to a healthy state is to destroy it and start over. SOMETHING is going to happen. It could begin before 2012. Don't click this link ... unless you want to know the facts.