2012, A Response...

A few days ago I wrote about the 2012 theories, technically I wrote about being sucked into another internet meme, but all the same 2012 was mentioned in detail (not the Olympics, the end of the world). I had a response to this post...


2012Chick said...

Don't let the diversion caused by some of these proponents of 2012 carry you down the wrong fork in the road. You do need to wake up. There is an end of the present age coming. It has happened before. The only way to repair the earth and humanity to a healthy state is to destroy it and start over. SOMETHING is going to happen. It could begin before 2012. Don't click this link ... www.Real2012Info.com unless you want to know the facts.

Now I am not aiming to embarrass this person I simply wish to reply to their comment. Particularly as she seemed genuinely worried about what would happen to me if I didn't know the facts about 2012. But Blogger refuses to let me comment on any blogs these days, even my own. Annoying. So instead of a comment box response, 2012Chcik gets an entire blog post dedicated to her... Lucky! Here is my response just for 2012Chick. For everyoneelse, this is why I am not worried about 2012.
(If you are not up to speed on 2012, you can read a summary in my post Not Another Internet Meme, or you can buy the book linked in 2012Chicks comment, or you can type David Wilcock into google)

Thank you for your concern. However I will not be spending any money attempting to discover the facts about 2012. I would much prefer it all to be a big surprise.

You see as far as I see it, the world could end in 2012, but it could also end tomorrow, or the day after, or next week, or maybe even 3012. We all worry far too much about this kind of thing. I once read something that went along the lines of “Don't worry about the planet ending. It has been around since the beginning of time. It is doing fine. It is the people who are fucked. The planet will outlive us all.” (that isn’t an exact quote, I lost the source.)

People spend far too much time dwelling on the past and the future, we can’t do anything about either. Time is much better spent where the past and future meet, the present, now, that way when we get to the end, we can say “Oh well, at least I lived.” Dwelling merely distracts us from what is important.

In response to repairing the Earth (the earth is doing just fine, we are the only thing polluting it, a disease that has infected it) I agree it would be more than satisfying to destroy it and start again, only I’m not sure I want to be here when it starts again, which means I probably shouldn't worry about 2012, right? (Tell me have you seen the film Solaris?) It isn’t the Earth that needs repairing, it is humanity.

Yes on the 21st December 2012 something definitely is going to happen, just as everyday something happens that inevitably changes the world in some small, or large, way.

People can believe whatever it is they wish to believe I will not hold anything against them. I am not involved with the truth, but with the story itself. If it is one I enjoy, I blog it, if not, I tend to forget about it until it resonates with some part of my life in the future.

Thanks again for your concern, but I am going to take my chances and live for as long as it is possible for me to do so (comfortably).
I wish you luck in your preparations for 2012 and very much hope that you survive. Who knows, I may even see you at the other end.

I’ll finish with the words of The Velvet Underground... “It’s the Beginning Of A New Age!”
And what could be more beautiful than that?

Yours until 2012

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