I found a cigar tin full of old negatives over the summer amongst the belongings of my Grandad (since his death it seems the family are gradually looting his stuff!) I have always been fascinated with old photographs. Anything with a sense of history, a sense of time having past, a sense of a lost present, as pretty soon this moment will become. It's the same with abandoned buildings and ruins for me. Fascinated. Why are they now ruined/abandoned? What happened?

These photographs taken, a moment almost lost and forgotten if it wasn't for someone pressing the shutter then the moment is recorded. I chose carefully which negatives I was to scan and recover, over 100 memories salvaged. They will live for another generation at least. This is my history. Another link in the vast chain which has lead to me, to my life being here and now. A facinating chain of events of which I will never be aware. None of us will ever become fully aware.
I can only hope someday someone will want to save my memories.

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