Ugliness vs Beauty

I am more familiar with ugly surroundings than I am with the picturesque and traditionally 'beautiful'. These so called 'ugly' surroundings however are in fact beautiful too. Objects man made effected by nature and man. Natures objects effected by man and nature. (Who will win?)
The history of an object being constantly transformed by the spontaneity of life, day in day out, adding to it, making it unique, making it individual. Beauty is everywhere you look.

The following photos, in a similar vein to the above, are two of many taken in the fine art painting studios. Where people constantly test out spray paint, doodle, clean their brushes on whatever surfaces.

This final image is of my Grandad's shed door. The front of it was black and looked like any regular door, the inside multicoloured. Finishing off odds and ends of paint cans, cleaning off his brush. His hobby was painting from images of landscapes and far away scenery, but his finest artistic achievement was this door (without meaning to sound condescending or disrespectful I just really love this door, I want to take it off it's hinges and stick it to my wall.)

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