Identity: The Books

After gathering so many images and having written so many words it was only natural to gather them into a book format. This project has really helped me to find not only myself but a place for me within design. After two years of feeling like a fake on her last bit of luck, about to get caught out any minute, I have finally found something that feels honest to myself and allows me to be expressive. I will continue to make books for this reason.
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Here's the Identity Series...


The Identity Book...

Identity No. 3
When I saw the two faceless souls my insides screamed and tried to break out of my skin. Composed I made my way towards them. I notice they had no mouths from which to speak no eyes from which to peek. Communication would be difficult. I refrain from asking any questions. From their hands I took a piece of paper
"Untitled 1" and "Untitled 2"
"If lost please return to Elsie May."
As it happens Elsie May found us and before I had the chance to speak, "Don't worry about them. They haven't found themselves yet." Noticing they had ears, I wished them luck on their journey and continued on mine.

Identity Lost/Found...

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