Identity: The Images

When Exploring the theme of Identity I became Particularly interested in what it is that makes us... us. My starting point was the passport photo. Something that appears on nearly all forms of identity, something that proves we are who we say we are. Something that is a stripped down, raw and honest impression of ourselves. Yet most of us do not like showing passport photos as they are very unforgiving.

As my exploration continued I began to consider how to change an identity. How much would you have to change before you are no longer you? Do we change our hair, surgery, wardrobe, education, mental illness and so on. Or do we remain the same, still us, only slightly different. Is it not the journey which makes us? All we feel and experience, everyone that enters our lives. From birth all that we do is self improve, but we are still ourselves - we remain in the same vessel.
These thoughts lead to new images, obscuring identity, playing with expression and recognition, and manipulation of the self. Deceiving others plays a vital role when trying to change an identity, you may have fooled them but you cannot fool your self! We can never escape ourselves. It also lead to a series of writing playing with the ideas raised.
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I also became interested in how behind every window is a different personality. No two living rooms a-like. Stuff accumulates. Decor, tastes, cleanliness. The living space almost becomes an extension of the individual, surrounding themselves with things they enjoy, memories, well read books, precious antiques, heirlooms, things of no particular value but immense meaning.

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