"I'm not gonna teach him how to dance with you..."

I have these friends, Nicky and Eddie. One night we go dancing in an abandonded Heebie Jeebies (Liverpool).

Here is my friend Nicky. She is upset because she doesn't know how to dance.
It makes her sad that Eddie and I are so damn good at it.

Here I am dancing. What can I say? I am enthused by music...

Here is Eddie dancing. No wonder she is so upset. We truly are awesome.
Nicky hopes that one day she will be as truly awesome at dancing as we are.
Not to worry Nicky, we will help you. What are friends for...?

In this picture, Eddie takes Nicky through the basics...
Then I realise that Eddie has got the basics wrong. You should always, always, ALWAYS, start with the Jagger....

Eddie nods with approval, Nicky sits back down. It is all too much. She is in at the deep end. I try all the moves, skanking, soul dancing, mime guitar, mime drums, (...you think I am joking...) twisting, tango, fox trot, jiving, moshing, and break. Twisting she liked, the rest was a dead loss.

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