The Secret History...

This work is still in progress, just tweaking the typography.
I had a deer friend come over to help me with the shoot.
Turns out he's quite the intellectual. He read out his favorite parts from Crime and Punishment. He adores Dostoyevsky and scorned me for not having read The Idiot. I know I know, but I will have read it by september, I promise him.
As he was feeling a little sleepy from the shoot, I invited my deer friend to recline on the bed for a while and offered him a drink for his troubles. In his gentile English gent accent he accepted.

I apologised for my alcohol selection. He settled for Jack Daniels, then he polished off some Jagermiester. I had no idea he was a recovering alcoholic. And what is more he gets a little sexy when drunk. He revealed that he is the new face American Apparel and began to show me his model poses.
He then attempted to seduce me. Now he is one sexy deer, but I just can't cross species like that. Call me narrow minded but it just isn't right. I shown him the door. If his modeling career takes off I plan on selling these photos to Now, Heat and Closer.


Edward Tan said...

The first time I've had an histeric giggle to myself in a long, long time!

Anonymous said...

love love love it

Anonymous said...

Hannibal approves