Celebrity Is God...

I have been working on a book for my final project. I made up a whole religion around celebrity and wrote bible style stories about a God named Celebrator and a Devil named Obscurity. So it is a little tongue in cheek look at the way we treat Celebrity, like it fills some kind of void religion once filled. I tried to parallel the religion with Christianity, as it is the religion I am most familiar with and seeing as I had a Catholic upbringing, am allowed to mock a little. I won't go any further into it just yet. The finished pieces will be uploaded in June/July. For now, here are a few pictures of my final mock up. It is in the process of having it's margins widened to allow for sewing (you can see the words in the pictures below are precariously close to the spine) and then the long printing process (ink jets, unpredictable, frustrating, but a necessary evil...) It will be over the top with gold and have an embossed cover. This is my plate.ting delivery of the plate, exciting stuff!)
There are three sections. Creation. Transmission.

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Anonymous said...

ooooh nice.

i'm yet again WELL impressed with your books.