"I want to be your friend..."

Speaking of low budget music videos/lifestyles...
Andrew and I set up 'Bar Mandi' over the summer as going out out was proving too expensive. Same faces. Same music. Nothing changes in Warrington. Not worth it. Anyway 'Bar Mandi' basically involved making up cocktails, eating doritos and exhausting the Virgin Music On Demand facility on my tv. Which is like watching MTV but better because you choose the videos. Now Virgin weirdly had some really obscure stuff on there last summer. This was a favorite.
Late of the Pier's Focker.
Even if you do hate the music, it's sort of tongue in cheek electro pop punk and camp in all that, stick it out! The video is too good!!! It is so aware that it is low budget. It is unashamed and if anything goes out of it's way to look more low budget than it actually is. It is just a fun video.
Have I sold it yet? I think that is enough. Watch it...

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