"Relegate our dreams to hobbies..."

On the L train in the morning...
Williamsberg Will Oldham Horror is probably my favourite Jeffery Lewis song (Oh but If You Shoot The Head You Kill The Ghoul. I do like a bit zombie stuff.) I am not usually all that into folk and when I am it has to be clever rather than pretty. And that's what Jeffery Lewis is. Anyway this is great because it is the ultimate in low budget film making and it is funny. It is a very literal music video. It's a long song and if you don't like the lyrics/wordy songs (as oppose to the actual music, same with Dylan and Cohen too) then you may not like it. But for now, this moment of change in my life, anxiety, uncertainty, this song is perfect. It sums it all up! Perfect (I also really love Artland that is a really good song too! Jeff!)

"If that's a victory I'd hate to see what I look like defeated."

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