Symbolic Retribution for the Disconnected.

Symbolic Retribution for the Disconnected from mandi goodier on Vimeo.

Canto V Presents Symbolic Retribution for the Disconnected:
)best seen in full screen mode, best heard through a decent set of earphones(
Deep psyche exploration, none stop free association, synth analysis, complete honesty, a lack of ability to comprehend anyone or anything outside of the self, and above all complete disconnection. 

This will last internally until the end of life when all is relived 
- canto v

An aural and visual experimentation by canto v
If there is one thing I am sure of, it is that this will never be shown on It's Nice That.

Have some music for your time


Anonymous said...

is this you? you did this? fuck!! it's amazing!

Mandi said...