Immortalised by google maps in a poncho!

Just a quick one... It was last year. Before I was aware that I possessed enough intelligence to get a first class honors degree, get on a master of fine arts course, yet somehow did have the intelligence to know that wearing a poncho is super cool. When I still rocked a short red pixie crop. This blog was not even a twinkle in my eye.  I was walking from my house to the bus stop, on my way to university when the Google Maps car drove by and brapped me. I was eager to tell everyone of how happy I was about being immortalised in a poncho, but was never able to find the image. Today, my mum found it!
Here it is.

Don't believe me here it is a bit closer.

Wait if you don't know me, which unless you are Lucy Vann/Libby Scarlett/Caitlyn/Sophie Lee/Helen Kirwan (my most dedicated readers!) you probably don't... Those who know me, know this is me - immortalised in a poncho on google maps. That IS living!

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