Billy Bragg/Barney Bubbles/The Flys

Apologies for the terrible video. Ignore it. Just listen to the simplicity of this song and the power of its metaphor. Think of the times you too have been uncontrollably swept away, of its joys, its excitement, its pain.

The below image is to make up for the poor video above...

I wake up every morning looking towards my record collection. On available surfaces - shelves, speakers - facing out at me are my favourite sleeves. These tend to alternate.  However this little number never changes. Recently I have began to suspect it may have been designed by Barney Bubbles, but there is no way to be sure - as Mr. Bubbles was the ever elusive ever evolving designer. Can any body amongst my modest selection of followers/readers, shed any light on this? If you look at the below images designed by Bubbles for Bragg around the same time, you will understand my suspicions. I hope it is, I love Bubbles. Check this blog REASONS TO BE CHEERFUL

UPDATE: Confirmed it apparently is a Barney Bubbles. I'm just awaiting some form of official stamp

UPDATE UPDATE: Confirmation by Paul Gorman - as good as a stamp - Not a BB, but a Caramel Crunch - Barney's one time assistant. I still adore that cover though you can taste the mans influence. I have actually got other Bubbles sleeves which I will post later.

By the way, I was considering sending you my love, and a molotov cocktail. So, yeah, enjoy that...

If I start choosing songs with decent videos the chances are you will already have heard them. I think this is just about one of the greatest songs ever written.

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