Lately I have been, breaking glass in your room again..."

My sister and I were always keen on a good old horror film. Throughout Stephen King season on channel 4, when I was a lot younger, my sister would tape the films, whilst I was in bed and we would watch them together the next day. The only film she would not allow me to watch was IT. I have still never seen it but think I would find it much easier to watch now that I know Tim Curry plays 'it'. The point of this thread is not really linked to Stephen king at all. It is just a nice way to get around to talking about Candyman. Candyman being, when I was in primary school, my favorite childhood film. Yes I know. I watched it again for the first time in years a couple of months ago. Yes, horrific stuff. Well, this post doesn't have a great deal to do with that film either. But growing up there were two things that stuck in my mind about that film. Firstly the deep brown rumble of the Candyman's voice when he appears to Helen for the first time. The tone, bass and melody as it vibrated through the living room and rattled my eardrums. "He-len. He-e-e-len." Secondly the sound track. Always filling me simultaneously with joy and fear, a thrill, an anticipation of excitement, a playful tingle at the base of my spine. A tune is a difficult thing to put across on a computer screen. (When I was younger, had no great ability on any kind of instrument, no tape recorder, I would write down song lyrics accompanied with a whole lot of: doooo-duh-do-du-du-dooo scrawlings. They were my musical notes, supposed to conjure up some kind of recollection of melody and tempo!) Thankfully this is the internet. Also, thankfully, I am now reaching my point. The greatest modern day composer. Whose soundscapes regularly fill cinema screens. Whose music evokes all kinds of vivid emotion. His tunes haunt me constantly. I am never surprised when I stick out the closing credits of a film (merely to see who wrote the beautiful music (when I worked at the Odeon this was a particular perk to the job, when clearing out screens I would listen to some great closing tracks and would discover some fantastic musicians) that his name should appear so frequently. Philip Glass. Oh beauty. Oh divine. Over and over. This one's for Philip Glass. A modern day composer that I hope stands the test of time! Beauty beauty beauty.

I personally cannot recall a more terrifying soundtrack. This is Candyman's opening:

This is the tune that I have carried with me since childhood.

Most of my Youtube inspiration revolves around Sesame street for some reason. This is a cool Philip Glass thing I found entitled 'Geometry of Circles'

There is much much much more Philip Glass out there, check him on spotify. Sit in a darkened room with your eyes closed and await the visions and emotion it evokes.

Final note. Do not listen to too much of that Candyman stuff when in a darkened room with nothing but the glow of a computer screen for company. It gets pretty creepy actually.

Don't forget to look...

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