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I have just spent 2 hours trying to write captions for the work being shown in the degree show. Two sentence per piece. Four pieces to write for. Two hours ago I thought, easy, this will take no time at all. Not so. Here are a list of things you do not want to be portrayed as when writing a caption:
An Idiot
Taking your self too seriously
Not taking it seriously enough
A joker/wacky/foolish
Self involved
Self indulgent
Too 'Clever, Clever'
A dick

The art to writing the perfect caption is in avoid all these obsticles and let your personality shine through (you are therefore screwed if you are any of the above). Here is an example of good caption writing taken from the tv series 'Spaced'.

"Brian, Artist, Wanker."

Here are my captions:

Celebrity Worship
In a time of conflict, doubt and insignifcance. Having lost all sense of purpose and belonging. Humanity has found a new light, turned to a new God and formed the ultimate alternative religion. Celebrity.
The Book of Celebrity
Celebrity is the ultimate alternative religion. The Book of Celebrity documents it's scriptures.
Exposed, 120
I once ruined a 120 format film. The memories upon it faded in the light of day. I hung it's remains on my wall.
This year I have married the practices of design and writing. I then consummated the relationship in book format.
OR (because I'm worried that people may not get the humor in the above one or think I am a dick but then again I don't want to sound like I take myself too seriously. but the below one is boring.)
Here are some books I have made. They were all formed through a love of creative writing, design and the beautiful relationship between the two.

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