Exposed, 120

I had one of those lovable, flimsy lomography cameras bought for me for my birthday. It has proved to be the most unreliable form of photography that I have ever experienced. That is what makes it fun. But if you are trying to document a journey, store valuable memories then forget it. I once ruined a film. It had some holiday memories on it. They faded in the light of day. I hung the insides of the film on my wall, vowing to do something with it someday. Here it is. It is about the frailty of memory. It is the repetition degrading memory. It is obsession. It is a 120 forma film. It is available to buy. Here is the synopsis...

This film within is in a delicate condition. It's purpose is to become exposed to the light, by you,and become ruined. You will slowly unravel the squandered scroll and reveal the history of it's wretched condition. A tragic story of a film and a neurotic destined to forget.

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