If your breasts are too big...

My friend Sinead has these parents who you sometimes forget are her parents. We sit in their kitchen in a sort of music corner, in clouds of smoke, drinking cheap wine, listening to amazing music (which Sinead hates) Discussing anything really. It is really very hard to remember that these are Sinead’s parents, you really do let go of the regular restrictions on behavior you have around other peoples parents. So in the middle of whatever subject, and at the mercy of the iPod shuffle, the music will occasionally get interrupted by speech and a strange instrument. At which point we are all hushed and asked to listen. It is Ivor Cutler, the poet. I purchased the CD as sometimes I enjoy listening to spoken word when designing (other things I listen to include Adam and Joe, Under Milk wood (weird as I wrote that it came on the iTunes shuffle - what are the chances) Bill Byson A Brief History of Nearly Everything (I got a bit bored of that though) I plan on listening to Flight of the Concords radio series soon, when Andrew cares to lend me the CD) Ivor Cutler’s poems are really nice, they are strange and witty and a little surreal. He is also full of great wisdom such as the following:

“If you have big Breasts, you will fall over, unless you wear a rucksack”


“The best thing about being dead is you no longer have to say ‘I wish I were dead.’
The best thing about being alive is that you can still say ‘I wish I were dead’”

And the man with the nuance.

And then really nice things, beautiful things like “I heard a daffodil break its skin”

And amusing anecdotes about being little.

If you are into that sort of thing (not everyone is I know) but if you are, get some Ivor Cutler. And if you are after something a little more dirty why not get some John Cooper-Clark, true for punk poetry try ‘Twat’

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