You're Just a Little Girl with Grey Eyes... Nevermind

-The Man Who Fell To Earth
In first year I was walking into uni, trying to make it to a Bill Rob lecture (I miss those lectures)
a man pulled up along side me to ask for directions.
Some science building or other.
"Sorry I have no idea." I walked ahead.
He stopped for a while consulting his map.
A minute later the same car pulls up along side me. This time he gets out.
Shows me the map.
"Are you sure? It's arround here somewhere. I'm a guest leturer, running late."
He must be in his fifties, kind of short, bald, not attractive in the slightest.
Not to a 20 year old anyway.
"Seriously I can't help you. I'm running late for a leture myself. Sorry."
"That's my favourite album," He points to the badge I am sporting on my bomber jacket.
"Aladdin Sane. I love that album. Is that your favourite album too?"
I sigh and reply
"No I much prefer Low, the Berlin era gets me." Why I felt compelled to answer I have no idea.
If I had a watch I would have been checking it. I was late.
Then. Out of nowhere:
"I'd love to put you over my knee."
I don't know what he wanted me to say to that. Well let me hop on then?
I bid him farewell. I was five minutes late for my leture.
True story.

I don't know how often that line has worked for him in the past, but he was bold enough to enquire so maybe it has. I doubt it. He may have been going for the powerful older man thing (guest leturer - I'm sure he said he was a professor, posh car), but it wasn't working for him. He wasn't attractive. Now if that was David....

I like Low a lot. It's unexpected. If you listen to David up until that point, it was kind of going somewhere like that, but with the dead pan vocals. It's like nothing I've heard before or since. (With the exception of Iggy's The Idiot and Neu! - but they don't count!) It is also one of the most honest albums I have ever heard too. Revealing a lot of isolation, disconnection to the outside world, and desperation for some form of contact. I'm starting to sound like a Drowned in Sound article now so I'll stop. I do like Low.

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