"We don't practice with P.A's we have a lot of bills to pay..."

(There is a vague link there! I promise! Let's see if anyone can guess..)
This is why lomography in particular the Diana is the most unreliable form of photography going. It is unpredictable and out of 24 exposures you get about 6 decent prints if that! Not to mention the cost of printing. But still I keep going all because you would never getter such surprising photos. Yes most are bad but some have a real delicacy to them.
I went to Florence with Jules (she needs no introduction, she is known in most circles!) to visit a friend, Sinead, who was studying there. Again we were poor. Always travel when you are poor! The return journey set us back a tenner. Ryanair plays ANNOYING music on take off and landing and doesn't have a commence sucking sweet light (sponsered by werthers original) next to the seat belt and no smoking light. We mostly walked, deciding our direction on the flip of a coin. Tales we go right, heads we go left, if it ever looked like we were going to walk in a circle we would choose the other direction automatically (ie right right right left.) We ate amazing pasta, based on the flip of a coin. I fell in love with the violence of the statues lying around the plazas. Sat watching music out side. Open air. Relaxing happiness. Sang along. Sat by the violent statues. 'The Rape of...' So violent. So strong. We met with sinead and watch an Italian covers band who didn't bother to find out the words to any of the songs they were covering. This started up an argument which is still in debate.
"Well I woke up this morning and I got myself a..."
"Meal" - Italians
"Deal" - Sinead's parents
"Feel" - Helen
"Beer" Me, Danny, Jules.
Me Danny and Jules are the music elite. We know that it is Beer! (The futures uncertain and the end is always near! It rhymes you see. It is beer!)
We managed to find modern art, IN FLORENCE (Thank you coin)
We were harrassed by Italian men (Jules' boobs no doubt!) A homeless guy heckled Jules:
"You need a stylist"
"You need a home!"This is called Winter. He is inappropriately dressed.
Millions of steps later and this is the view from the top of the Duomo. See unreliable Lomography.

Another example of unreliable lomography, the subject of this image was a little above this pole. Note to self - Start framing more.
This is kind of cool.
This was some graffiti under a bridge. It was just a mass of locks with different names and messages on. Unfortunately we didn't have a lock at hand so couldn't add to it.
That God Damn Duomo. No matter what direction the coin took us we always ended up back here! And this was where we started. This is where Sinead lives. That is right all my friends live in monuments. Helen lives in the Eiffel Tower. Sinead lives in the Duomo. Jules lives in the Liver Building. Andrew lives in the pink eye. I sleep down next to the Alice in Wonderland tribute when in warrington and John Rylands in Manchester. You would think there were more famous buildings in Manchester. Everything is hotels and stadiums...

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