"Some people try to pick up girls and they get called an ass hole..."

That title has nothing to do with this post, I just really like that song...
That image has nothing to do with this post either... But here I am appealling to Modern Lovers/Jonathan fans (and possibly David fans too? Is that lesser known?) and people who like old phtographs AND people who either like or are freaked out by gas masks/prams, all simultateously. And now I have lured in the masses, here is the actual content...
I have been doing some writing since... well since I can remember. But more recently than that are a few that are featured on my other blog. There is more to be added.
They are kind of:
My stories are:
Maybe slightly philosophical
Sort of Funny
Sometimes Sad
Mostly dark
Am I selling this?
(Don't belive the hype it'll ruin everything!)

You will like them if you like:
Retro Cameras
Train Rides
Unobtainable men (or women)
Overheard Conversations
Wierd train tickets
People who collect strange things
Penises (Peni?)

You will like them if you don't like:
The idea of getting older
The feeling of desire
Relentless thoughts
You may relate to them if:
You have ever had a big argument
withyour lover in new york
(or anywhere else, like, wales for example)
You feel lonely sometimes
Are of an obsessive tendancy
and fall for people easily
Like to collect things
Feel a little isolated from time to time
Suffer from nuerosis
Can over-react occasionally
Worry about the future and it's uncertainty
You have had plastic or
any other kind of surgery
(although that story isn't up yet!)
Live as a recluse (that isn't up yet either)
Ever wonder what the life
of the stranger sat next to you is like
You have ever doubted religion and
the creation of earth (not up yet...)
Secretly stalk Celebrities

I have more to add, These are the Identity Series and The World According to Celebrator. And maybe some others too. But there are some that are there for now.
I like that my course allows me to combine words and image in a real free way. I do not like that my course is nearly over.

That's it, click click click:


Lucy Vann said...

this never happened to pablo picasso

Anonymous said...

I liked the wales fight reference. For emil, correct?
ps pram picture is scary, scared the motherload.

Mandi said...

yeah gas masks creep me out. Thats why I like them. You know those people that walk down the street in pretend ones? I hate that. I have loads of gas mask pictures. And yes that was an Emil ref! Later Balls!