A Perscription for Weltschmerz...

Tropic of Cancer - Henry Miller
This book was recommended to me by my sisters ex from high school. He was impressed by my reading list on facebook (this is a pro of facebook)(and looking at it now it is a little thin and lacking in variety, mostly 'niche' and 'cult') and wanted to recommend some other books. Weird books. Strange books. Books likely to induce mind fuck... (actually this book isn't listed on that site!) I got into it quickly because I was traveling (did I mention this?) to Paris. Actually maybe I should have done that the other way round... anyway....
This book is beautiful. In the non conventional sense of the word beautiful. It is fact ugly, violent, and dirty. I really do feel that one has to be low, truly experience, and write (or create) with complete raw emotion to achieve something beautiful. Truly beautiful.
I knew upon reading the line, "In his pocket scraps of paper containing prescriptions for weltschmerz" that this is a book I was meant to read. I often dwell on/in weltschmerz, it is something that I have experienced my self. Seemingly forever, but realistically maybe only since finishing high school. This book seems like a perscription for it. You can dwell on it or you can live! I have highlighted a few of my favourite parts because there is no other way that I can put it across. Look I have tried. Click on the image and make it big and then you'll see what I mean.
This book speaks to me. When you think about the pointlessness of it all, how we are due to become extinct, how the only thing we have to look up to and aspire to is fame, what is there when you have nothing? No name to carry through history, destined to become forgotten, what is there? There is life. The one thing you were given for free. One thing that is guarunteed, and even then it is so fragile, you have life, so live it every day. This is the perscription for weltschmerz. You will probably never achieve that what is in your mind, never be that person, never kiss that man, so what accept it. Do not dwell.
The sexuality, it is not titillating in the slightest, it is violent in fact, it is funny, it is something that just happens. It is a sign of the times in a way, it is the verge of sexual liberation, for both males and females. To Miller, woman was just another 'cunt', to the the women the men where just another bit of money. There is controversy from many sources still to this day, feminists mostly, but I really do think some people take these things far too seriously.
There are some amazing quotes I have highlighted about writing from true grim experience, deep emotion... I can't keep typing because I can't explain it anywhere near the way he does (pg256), I'm too excited. I will read. You must read it too!

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