"I'll show you a picture a picture of tomorrow, nothing changes it's all sorrow. OH NO PLEASE DON'T SHOW ME..."

Or a time for heroes (but that sounds too epic!)

So Helen and I (as we are in the habit of when a little drunk) have been dancing like maniacs to music that we used to dance to when we were 18 (in a sweaty dirty club in warrington). We were stunned at the similarities between then and now, especially seeing as we are in a different country. Eyes rolling occasionally. French guys. What is the french for GO AWAY and LEAVE US ALONE!
Anyway. Now we are home and listening to the Libertenes because the Truskel (that was the venue) is not only Pete Doherty's favourite parisian haunt, apparently (we are not massive fans, can take him or leave him, but what's good enough for Pete... this does not include heroin), but they played the libertenes... twice... and we danced like fools and sang too loud, everyone could hear probably because the music was not so loud. Anyway, on the long walk home (I cannot move my feet, when they first started hurting I began to dance on my toes, then when the balls of my foot started to hurt I began stamping my feet, then my heels hurt too and now my feet just don't work!) we sang as many songs as we could remember from the first album (we don't like the second one. Nor do we care too much for Babyshambles and we deffinately do not like the dirty pretty things, but we did like Pete's first solo attempt, this is for lovers). We loved that album. And still do. So now I urge you if it's been over a year or two since you last heard Up the Bracket LISTEN TO IT RIGHT NOW! Especially if you liked it the first time round. Especially if you shunned them because they went a bit 'lad' rock and (like us, or at least me, and ashamedly) were the 'in' thing to like.

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