Hello Blog, old friend, old buddy, old pal. It has be a long time. That's because I dropped off the face of the Earth. No. Seriously. I did. Quite an adventure actually. Swimming around in the big black, disconnected; the ground not able to touch nor feel. Just weightlessness and the occasional heavy pull of gravity from a small rock passing by, which was real difficult to pull away from; having nothing firm to hold onto and aid me as I attempted with all my strength to fight against. You don't believe me? Well, that's understandable. The main and most importantest thing, the whole point of this story, as is contrary to my usual opinion, it's not about the journey: it's about the ending. Which is where we're at right now: I'm back aren't I. And to prove it, I've gone and started rebuilding my website again. For now it's an ugly old wonky thing containing nothing but a new piece of short fiction. So this post serves for a second thingy which is this: go read the story. So do it!

 W  W W .M AN  D IG O  ODI ER  . C  O.U  K