Les Grande Mains...

Warrington secretly harbors A LOT of musical talent. This is particularly great!

The Reading Room II

Things that are happening. In non-chronological order...

Another reading room in the Kenton.

Yes I've bagged me a regular home in the back room of The Kenton (Kenton Road, Hackney) on Wednesday 28th Sept. The Reading Room provides a valuable service, enabling you to indulge in some lovingly hand crafted artist books, zines, manuscripts and writerly objects that are not available in waterstones or your local library. Come along, relax, engage, don't be shy.

Manchester Print Fair. Three fifths of Parlour Press will be representing with a cozy reading room just like granny used to make.

Manchester Print Fair is a happening thanks to the wonderful Mill Press ladies at the Night and Day Cafe (Northern Quarter, Manchester). Parlour Press will be occupying the stage (naturally) from 11-5 on Sunday 25th September. More information here.

And this thing...
Myself and Rebecca LaMarre will be in residence in the locker room of the Old Police Station for the Open Studio Day on Friday 30th September. We will set up yet another reading room... But slightly huger. Many publications - self published, Artist and otherwise. Also we will be experimenting with format and attempting to keep you entertained with some projections and impromptu readings.

The Old Police Station (OPS) is situated on Amersham Vale, New Cross. More info here.

Sorry for the last minuteness.