Deteriorating quality of blog...

It's that time of year again. I am completely chained to my work at present, editing and rewriting and folding and making and chopping significant chunks of flesh from my fingers (it would seem!) When I return expect snippets of prose, images of new lush books, critical writings of the latest internet memes, details of forth coming exhibitions (that ones a little bit 'out there'...) and many more exciting things relating to..... me! In the meantime you will just have to settle for the occasional youtube video. Or if you really love me (and I know you do!) please participate in this project:
It maybe the only way for your love to be reciprocated.
Lots of love

(p.s. I have removed all images of penises from my blog so you are now in the drastically reduced company of people that have landed here not wanting to look at a penis. Seriously there has been a huge reduction of hits! But it's all about quality, not quantity.)

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