Devils Advocate

Not everything you do is good
Not everything you do will be understood

Maybe that is the point

Communication is based on a series of errors and misunderstandings
I am only trying to communicate after all.

Samuel Beckett Fans and Retro Video Game Fans REJOICE!

Say are you a fan of Samuel Beckett AND retro video games? Life got you down because you can't quite juggle two great and worthy passions. Well, your troubled days have ceased....

Addictive 16bit theme, shitty graphics, 2player mode available, well executed. One could not ask for much more. However I can't help but feel Beckett would have been slightly unimpressed bu the staging.
Productive enough to make a lolcat... that is only relevant to me and 19 other people...
Just need to critically reflect on this and project the following names unto it, Derrida, Blanchot, Agamben, Lacan then I can hand it in as a finished piece at the end of the year.